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Customer Testimonials

Noble Nurses is proud to have so many satisfied and repeat customers!

We have listed below some of the nice things you have said to us after completing a class.

We appreciate your business. Thank you for continuing to trust Noble Nurses with your educational needs!

“I was an ADN RN stagnant in my career when I met Christopher Noble. He encouraged and coached me through BSN and MSN, PCCN, EKG/telemetry, and professional role development. Let Chris be your professional educator for all of your healthcare needs, you will succeed!”

Leslie Highley, MSN, RN, PCCN

“Certifications such as ACLS, BLS, or a mandatory EKG test can be stressful regardless of how many times one has taken them. Chris Noble has helped me many times with one-on-one instruction. Afterwards, I was not only better prepared, but also felt less stressed and had more confidence to take on the challenge.”

Donna Mills, BSN, RN

“Chris was very professional, courteous, and accommodating! Having three little children and a busy work life, my time is precious. Chris made the process very easy and quick!”

Brittany Kaiser, MSN, RN, CRNA

“Chris has inspired me with his zeal for education. He works hard to make education a priority in his career and in the nurse’s careers he works with and around. Chris has a heart and a knack for nursing education.”

Mandie Zachem, MSN, APRN, RN

“Nursing truly is a wonderful profession. We have more opportunities than most professions. With opportunities comes transition and sometimes beginning the transition can be overwhelming. I have had several transitions in my almost 10 years as a nurse. I am thankful and blessed to have Chris Noble as a mentor whom I have leaned on more than once. Chris has helped me, better yet, he believes in me. When my light starts to dim, he provides the support and encouragement I need to re-engage. I have seen Chris provide the same compassion and enthusiasm to others that have crossed Chris’s path. He wants to see others succeed and will help in anyway possible. Chris loves nurses and his knowledge and dedication to the profession is undeniable. I can count on Chris 100% of the time to help guide in through whatever dilemma I may be having.”

Heather Morton, MSN, RN, MSRN

“Chris is exceptional as an educator, utilizing the latest research and best practices… He is truly a gifted educator that is brilliant and possesses a passionate love of nursing and education. He is articulate in the classroom, providing both support and encouragement to his learners! He is well organized and methodical in his delivery. He teaches critical concepts while making it fun, engaging the class for a true interactive experience.”

Christy Damron, BSN, RN

“Christopher is the definition of a fantastic professional nurse and educator. He has helped me so much during my career and educational advancement. He has been the ultimate mentor by guiding me in the right direction, helping me clarify ideas, and put evidence based practice into motion.”

Kimberly Wethington, BSN, RN, CFRN

“Chris was instrumental in helping me be able to understand the care planning process. I was struggling with getting "needs improvement" so I reached out to Chris to ask for his help. After one session with him, I was able to understand what was expected to be written into a care plan and the rationales behind them. I then started receiving "excellent" comments on my submissions. Thanks, Chris!”

Meredith McDaniel

“I remember Chris helping me study for UK's ekg test which I would not have passed without his help!! He is an excellent instructor on anything he does. ”

Tamera Le, RN

“Chris is a very knowledgeable instructor and clinician. He brings real life experience to the classroom. He has a great personality, is very courteous and respectful of others. I will utilize again!”

Paula Kiser, RN

“Very personable experience. Chris was very informative and knowledgable about ACLS and anything else I had questions about. I am very grateful for this experience. Thank you.”

Summer Sykes, BSN, RN

“Christopher Noble was quick to respond to my needs. He is very knowledgeable, professional, and highly values the educational experience. I will be back for more!”

Dr. Cheryl Mitchell, DNP, RN

“Excellent class. One of the best instructors I have ever used for any AHA class.”

Anita Corbin, RN

“Chris takes the time to ensure that you have the knowledge, education, and tools you need to do a great job each day. You will cherish the knowledge you gain from his expertise in the nursing field. His knowledge, dedication, and love for education is what I will always remember about him. You cannot go wrong with Noble Nurses. Chris is the best!”

Junelle Anderson, BSN, RN

“Wonderful experience. Chris was so accommodating and I will recommend to all my co-workers.”

Katherine Moore, PA

“The training was very thorough and covered all the information I needed.”

Dr. Akira Nakada, DMD

“Excellent educational experience!”

Dr. Bradley Hall, DMD

“Very informative and easy to follow. Would use again in the future for sure!”

Madeline Keeling, Dental Hygienist

“Chris is an awesome instructor. Very easy to understand and helpful. Also, very knowledgeable.”

Jessica Schroeder, RN

“Chris did an awesome job with teaching this class. I definitely would attend for my recertification again! The relaxed atmosphere is helpful in learning for me.”

Pamela Reid, RN

“Great course. I learned so much! I'll definitely use Noble Nurses, LLC in the future.”

Susan Brewer, RN

“I would absolutely recommend Noble Nurses, LLC. Very professional and I learned a lot. My experience was great. Chris (instructor) was very professional and knowledgeable. Would definitely recommend.”

Tammy Belcher, RN

“Very informative and relaxed environment! Loved this course!”

Leah McDonald, MSN, RN, CRNA

“Outstanding class. Learning was made fun and enjoyable.”

Jill Anders, RN

“Chris is an amazing teacher. His goal is to ensure that the material is taught in a fun and relaxing environment. He prides himself in ensuring that when you leave, you have confidence in your skills and understanding.”

Nikki Mullins, SRNA

“I loved the one on one interaction. His equipment was high-tech. The explanation of cases by Chris helped me apply it to the individual scenarios. Noble Nurses, LLC is awesome!”

Kimberly Henson, RN

“Chris Noble is an unbelievable instructor. He has answers for every question one could possibly have and thoroughly explains the physiology behind the material. I have had an amazing experience with this company and will continue to utilize Mr. Noble's expertise in the future.”

Andrea Wise, BSN, RN, SANE

“Fast and very professional!”

Thomas Campbell

“Excellent experience! Chris was very knowledgeable and extremely helpful. Not to mention, a great sense of humor!”

Ashley Miller

“Very approachable with questions. Clearly explained. Pleasant atmosphere.”

Cornelia S. Mims

“Certification on my time! Very professional. I learned a great deal!”

Timothy Rich, RN

“My experience was very stress-free and convenient. I was able to schedule and reschedule when it was convenient for me. I will definitely use this service again!”

Jodi Kellman, RN

“Most incredible experience. Chris made the atmosphere relaxing and learner friendly. I could go on and on. I have never felt more confident and empowered.”

Brenda Walker, RN

“Such a great class! Very helpful to have the individual instruction and feedback so you can really grasp the concepts that you are having a harder time understanding.”

Ashley Sachs, RN

“Very convenient, flexible, and professional!”

Dr. Rosemary Minnick, DNP, RN, APRN-FNP

“I loved the class. Small and very informative. The content was clear and appropriate for BLS and ACLS.”

Dimmi Jackson, RN

“Chris is a great teacher and brought up things I hadn't ever thought of before even after taking two other ACLS classes.”

Kristina Ellis, BSN, RN

“It was a great class and very informative.”

Joseph Ellis, Paramedic

“Chris is a very detailed instructor. He took the time to explain and gives the rationale. Learned a lot and enjoyed the class.”

Joyce Angima, RN

“I had an awesome experience!! I feel adequately prepared as a bedside nurse to respond to any type of emergency situation. Chris is a great instructor.”

Lauren Hurley, BSN, RN

“My experience with Noble Nurses was outstanding. Chris is very knowledgeable and is a great teacher. Very low stress! I highly recommend Noble Nurses!”

Carol Bolling, RN

“This was a wonderful learning experience. Very informative. The equipment was in excellent condition!”

Kayce Fraley, RN

“Excellent! Will use them again for future training!”

Dr. John Gilbert, MD

“Extremely helpful & easy to schedule. Very accommodating of schedule.”

Brydon Christensen

“Very nice and full of information.”

Patricia Reyes

“Excellent & professional experience. Will be coming back to renew!”

Paul Barrineua, MSN, RN, CRNA

“Very accomodating and pleasant experience.”

Darren Watson, MSN, RN, CRNA

“Chris was very professional and explained the material in a way that was very easy to understand. I would recommend him for the ACLS course.”

Jennifer Hardin, RN

“Very professional and educational.”

Joshua Williams, MSN, RN, CRNA

“Chris is a great teacher. I learned a lot and had a great time. This is my first time having fun in an ACLS class!”

Wendy Simpkins, MSN, RN, APRN

“Chris is an excellent educator and mentor. He was able to get me scheduled within 10 minutes of me reaching out to him. I would recommend Noble Nurses to anyone that is looking for education and certifications. He makes it fun and entertaining as well as educational.”

Mary Burnette, RN

“Efficient and effective.”

Amy Reusch, MSN, RN, APRN


Dr. Lidia Lamot-Wasik, MD

“Very thorough course. Wonderful instructor!”

Rachelle Kramer, RN

“Concise and informative.”

Amy Richardson, RN

“Knowledgable with content. Very courteous and made the class fun.”

Jonathan Varney, MSN, RN, APRN

“This was the most informative and well presented CPR class I have taken!”

Dr. Jenny Miller, DMD

“Great course! Very thorough and to the point. I loved the instructor. Chris was so friendly and made sure I understood everything.”

Jamie Cantrell

“Awesome course! Very helpful and convenient. He travels to you! Very interactive and helpful with information and understanding on exactly what to do in a medical situation.”

Morgan Browning

“Chris was wonderful! Very knowledgeable and kept the course interesting. Will definitely use him again!”

Sarah Guthrie

“Chris is very friendly, knowledgeable, and accommodating. He makes sure that you leave with full understanding of the content that he has taught. This class is great for people who are new to the medical field or for those that have experience!”

Katie Varney, BSN, RN

“This course was very informative and Chris was very knowledgeable and extremely friendly.”

Keith Lucas, LPN

“I had a great experience with Noble Nurses! Chris was very helpful with getting me my BLS class before my expiration.”

Jessica Ebersbaker

“Chris Noble provides education in a relaxed atmosphere, creating what i normally an overwhelming experience, much more comfortable. He is knowledgeable, helpful, and puts you at ease.”

Blair Frias, MSN, APRN, RN

“Thorough and applicable to job description.”

Robin DellAntonia

“Very good class! The instructor was great!”

LeShanna Mitchell

“Very knowledgeable instructor, very informative, will recommend Noble Nurses to others!”

Leslie Wolf

“Easy to understand instructions. Used real-life experiences to help explain situations.”

Sadie Rebecca Lyne

“Course was thorough and engaging. Best CPR renewal class I've ever taken!!”

Jessica Carbotti

“Chris was very flexible and accommodating! I needed to obtain my re-certification in BLS and the process was easy and convenient!”

Lauren Sargent, RN

“Very informational. I enjoyed learning in a non-threatening environment.”

Rani Clark, APRN, RN

“Fun & efficient class! Will use again!”

Jessica Metzger, PA

“Class was great! Wonderful refresher!”

Margie Hall, APRN, RN

“This was a very efficient and low-stress way to take my BLS recertification. I would recommend Noble Nurses, LLC for recertification. I plan to use them for my recertification needs in the future. Chris decreases the intimidation factor of being in a large group. He makes it easier to ask questions.”

Amanda C. Meyer, MSN, APRN, RN

“Great class! Personal attention, able to have questions answered without feeling like a dummy! I feel refreshed and like I learned a lot. Thank you Chris!”

Jennifer Milburn, RN

“Very low-key. Felt comfortable with the course. Very informative and very helpful. Not a stressful environment.”

Brandi Herath, RN

“Excellent, low-stress learning environment. I prefer this method over the online courses.”

Dr. Christina Brockman, DO

“Very knowledgeable!”

Suzanne Kreger, APRN

“I am a repeat customer. Very knowledgeable. Chris explains and answers questions well. Great class!”

Jonathan Varney, APRN

“My teacher was very thorough and helpful. He took the time to really explain things to my understanding and provided excellent constructive criticism on the skills portion of my certification. 10/10 would recommend!”

Peyton Havens

“Chris is a very thorough instructor. He wants you to understand why interventions are performed. Explains material very simply.”

Joyce Angima, RN-Repeat Customer